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Dear Students, Please be informed that MahaDBT Portal will start accepting applications for new A.Y 2019-20 from 1st August 2019. Please refer the notice section for more information.


  • Application Acceptance A.Y 2019-20 for Merit Schemes is from 1st August 2019 till 15th December 2019.
  • Application Acceptance other than Merit Schemes for A.Y 2019-20 is from 1st August 2019 till 15th December 2019.

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Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (Government Of India ).

About Scheme

Department Name

Tribal Development Department


    Scheme of Post Matric Scholarships to the students belonging to Scheduled Tribes for Studies in India


    [Hostellers/Day Scholors] per Month-
    Group 1 : 1200/550Rs,Group 2 :820/530Rs,Group 3 :570/300 Rs,Group 4 :380/230 Rs
    * Additional to this Reader Allowance :Group1-2 : 240 Rs,Group 3 :200 Rs,Group 4:160Rs
    * Escort Allowance : 160 Rs/month
    * Special Pay :160 Rs/Month. For Mentally retired, extra coaching : 240 Rs/Month
    * Study Tours :1600 Rs/Anum
    * Thesis Typing/Printing :1600/Anum
    * Book Grant 1200 Rs/Annum


    Applicable for ST only
    * If Family Income <= 2,50,000, he will get the scholarship
    * Minimum 10th Pass
    * Back to back drop for 2 years he/she will not be allowed to fill form.

Renewal Policy

  • The student have to pass the previous year examination
  • If student fails in any year then he is not paid the scholarship for that particular year
  • The student has to apply for renewal of the scholarship

Documents Required

    1.Caste Certificate
    2.Income Certificate
    3.Previous year's marksheet
    4.Professional Course selected than caste validity certificate mandatory

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